Mrs. Randall and her Young Mistress

Mrs Randall stopped in her tracks when she saw the single word 'Sylvia' written on the envelope in her hand. This item was among the mail she had just collected from the school post-room, and was sorting through, as she entered her office. Within the privacy of her office she leaned her back against the door and eagerly tore open the envelope to read the note within.

Mrs Annabelle Randall was Head Mistress of the Glendale School for Girls, an exclusive fee paying school, for parents who could afford to give their daughters the best education available She was 42 years old, a married woman who had worked hard to get where she was, and was well suited to the job. She also had a secret fetish that very few people knew about, or would even suspect, of such an elegant and respectable lady. The truth was that Mrs Randall was a secret submissive who loved to be sexually dominated by a younger person of either sex.

With trembling hands, she scanned the note that read,





Annabelle knew who had written the note, and also knew what the message meant. It had come from Caroline Mayhew, one of the senior girls at the school. Caroline was from a very wealthy family, a spoilt brat who demanded, and usually got, her way in most things. She was 19 years old, tall blond and very beautiful, with a well developed athletic body that other girls envied. She also had a secret penchant for seducing older women, and regarded the Head Mistress as a perfect target for her attentions.

The message told Annabelle to expect a visit to her office from Caroline on Friday, and to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Annabelle could think of little else for the next 2 days before the meeting, and found that her pussy was often moist as a result of her daydreaming. The pair had met clandestinely several times before, and on each occasion, they had indulged in the most unladylike behaviour one could imagine. The note was addressed to 'Sylvia' - the name that Annabelle chose to use when in her submissive role. By changing her name and persona, she permitted herself (as Sylvia) to do and say things that Annabelle (as herself) would never consider.

Several times during the next 2 days Annabelle would ask herself. "How can this slip of a girl hold such power over a sophisticated, mature woman like me?" These thoughts even led her to compose several outraged replies, along the lines of:

Dear Miss Mayhew,

I have received your cryptic message, and I must inform you that I object most strongly to your tone. If you persist in your perverted harassment of me, I shall forward a copy of this note to your parents. Also you will be aware, that as Head Mistress, I have the authority to expel you from the school, and I will do so if -- etc.

But of course she had no intention of ever writing such a note.

Friday dawned warm and sunny, as Annabelle awoke, and hugged herself in delicious anticipation of what the day might bring. The hours seemed to drag, as her feverish imagination frequently impinged on her thoughts. Her distant manner was noticed, and later commented on, by some of her colleagues, after the monthly staff meeting she had attended that morning.

After lunch, Annabelle locked her office door. Then going to her private en suite bathroom, she opened the small wardrobe that was there. After carefully selecting the items of clothing that Caroline had instructed her to wear, she laid them on a chair. Then, stripping off, she stepped into the cubicle to enjoy a leisurely hot shower.

After the shower, she towelled herself down, and stood in front of the full-length mirror to examine her naked body. She found it very gratifying to still have the flawless skin and curvaceous figure of a younger woman, with firm breasts and a shapely bottom. Her dark shoulder length hair shone, and her pretty face and body glowed with health and vitality. Now she began the process of transforming herself into the submissive 'Sylvia' for her young Mistress.

After spraying herself with perfume, she applied light makeup, then the bright red lipstick and matching nail polish that Caroline told her to wear. Next, she put on the white silk blouse and tucked it into the waistband of the short grey skirt that followed. Looking in the mirror, she saw how her firm breasts and prominent nipples were clearly outlined through the sheer silk, emphasising her femininity. With increasing excitement she donned the white knee length cotton stockings then the shiny black shoes. Standing in front of the mirror, she brushed her hair for a long time, then fashioned it into a ponytail, as instructed by Caroline.

The adrenalin coursing through her body, made her restless, so she walked up and down her office, while trying hard to resist the urge to finger her moist pussy and throbbing breasts. This was difficult, as she was very aroused by what she wore, and by the anticipation of Caroline's visit.

The final item of clothing was the black choker that she fixed round her neck. The choker signified her submissive status, and completed the transformation into her alter -ego 'Sylvia'. She was now prepared and dressed as instructed, and went to stand behind the locked door, to await the arrival of her young Mistress.

Caroline Mayhew arrived 5 minutes late, and announced herself by knocking on the locked door using a coded sequence. She immediately heard the key turn in the lock and the door open a crack. Then, after a count of ten, she entered and turned to lock the door behind her. Nothing was said as Caroline walked past Sylvia who was seated near her desk with her back to the door. Putting down her briefcase, Caroline went and perched on the edge of the desk to face Sylvia, who sat with eyes downcast.

"Stand Sylvia." said Caroline, bringing Sylvia to her feet immediately. "Now turn and do a slow twirl for me." The older woman complied, as her young Mistress inspected her from head to toe.

"I am pleased to see you have dressed correctly for my visit, and you look good enough to eat." said Caroline. "Now kneel and you may kiss my thighs, as a reward for being such a good girl."

"Thank you Mistress" said Sylvia, as she knelt on the carpet before her.

Caroline stood and raised the hem of her skirt, then dropped it over Sylvia, making her feel cocooned in a secret den, where she could indulge her fantasies. She began kissing all about Caroline's thighs for some time. Then, looking up between the open legs, she gazed at the sweet hairless pussy, that demanded attention. The temptation to kiss it was too much, so she slyly began to 'accidentally' brush her lips over the moist lips above her, making Caroline gasp with pleasure, each time she did it.

Sylvia's kisses changed to become an obvious clit lick that made Caroline close her legs involuntarily, each time she felt it. This in turn, caused Sylvia's head to be pleasantly squeezed between the younger woman's thighs each time. They played this exciting game of licking and squeezing, until it brought Caroline to a trembling moaning orgasm that wet Sylvia's lips and chin with pussy juice.

After Caroline had recovered, she stepped back, and in a stern voice, said "Did I give you permission to lick my pussy?"

"No Mistress, you didn't." murmured Sylvia.

"You are so disobedient, stand up and turn round."

"Yes Mistress" said Sylvia, getting to her feet, while licking pussy juice from her lips

"Bend over your desk." said Caroline, as she tucked the hem of Sylvia's short skirt into the waistband.

'Smack, smack, smack'- echoed round the room, as Caroline spanked the bare bottom of the older woman. Each smack brought a squeal from Sylvia, who secretly enjoyed the humiliation of being spanked by a schoolgirl. The spanking continued until Caroline stopped to gently stroke Sylvia's warmed bottom, while frequently slipping her fingers in and out of the moist mature cunt presented to her.

"Now stand up, open your blouse, and hold your tits out for me to play with"

Sylvia stood, and undid the buttons of her blouse with trembling fingers, and then lifting out her bare breasts she held them cupped in her hands. Caroline stood behind her, and reaching round, she began stroking and squeezing Sylvia's tits then rolling and flicking the large rubbery nipples between her fingers until they stood erect. The only sound to be heard was their quickened breathing, and the little gasps of pleasure they both felt from being so naughty with each other.

Laying her head back on Caroline's shoulder, Sylvia moved to kiss her lover's neck. The kiss was returned, but on the lips this time. Sylvia now turned to face Caroline and they began a torrid session of passionate kissing that included tonguing each other. Some time later, the kissing stopped, when Caroline ordered Sylvia to stand and close her eyes, which she did.

"I am going to blindfold you now, because I want you to experience what it would be like to parade yourself for all the senior girls in my class. You would of course, be available to any girl who may wish to stroke, finger, lick, or spank you. What do you say to that?"

"I would love to be used by the girls in your class Mistress." replied Sylvia, trembling with pleasure at she mere thought of the humiliation she would feel if it happened in reality.

"Yes, I thought you might, you slut." said Caroline, as she took a silk scarf from her briefcase, and wound it round Sylvia's head to make a blindfold. Then, taking a leather collar from the briefcase, she fixed it over the choker on Sylvia's neck and clipped a leash it. The final item she took out was a strap-on dildo that she attached round her own waist, so it jutted out like a big hard cock.

Tugging on the leash, she now led the blindfolded Sylvia up and down the office, with breasts and bottom displayed, for the classroom of schoolgirls to see and touch. Sylvia tried to imagine who might be present, as she knew all the girls in this class.

"Stop, open your legs and hold out your tits" ordered Caroline, "One of the girls wants to play with you."

Sylvia adopted the pose as ordered, then gasped as a hand caressed her swollen breasts, then a soft mouth began gently sucking on her erect nipples. Other fingers began teasing her clit, and slipping in and out of her wet cunt. She wondered who was doing this to her, and hoped that it might be Olivia, one of the girls she found very attractive.

The hands were removed, then a tug on the leash indicated that she continue her blind parade, which she did. Somebody now grabbed her ponytail, forcing her to bend forward, then led her around by her hair. This bent posture, made Sylvia's exposed bottom easily available to anyone who wished to fondle or spank her. Hands did indeed feel her all over, and smack her bottom too. The thought of several young girls taking turns at spanking her, brought delicious feelings of humiliation and pleasure. All this attention was bringing her very close to orgasm now.

Another tug on the leash made her move on, until she was told, "Stop and bend over your desk, because a girl wants to fuck you."

Sylvia moved forward slowly until she felt the edge of the desk, her mind trying to grasp how a girl could fuck her. As she bent over, she felt someone pull back on her hair, which made her back dip and her bottom to lift high in the air. With legs wide open, she was now in the ultimate erotic pose of a fully aroused woman, eagerly opening herself for her lover.

Now she felt the tip of the strap-on cock gently slip inside her from behind. After a short time the rest of the cock was fully sheathed in her eager cunt, which opened to accommodate the length and girth of it. The fucking action began in earnest, as her unknown lover pumped her fast and hard. Sylvia vocalised her pleasure with lots of moaning and squealing, as the cock flashed in and out of her dripping cunt. She felt her orgasm build, until she came in a screaming shuddering climax that left her lying across the desk, exhausted.

Caroline left Sylvia to recover, while she removed the strap-on, the blindfold and the collar and returned them all to her briefcase. Sylvia straightened up soon after, looking very dishevelled. Then, beaming at each other, they hugged and kissed tenderly for some time.

"Well, did you enjoy the classroom experience?" said Caroline.

"Very much so." replied Sylvia, "And I would love it to happen in reality."

"Anything is possible, for my mature slut, so let's wait and see." said Caroline, as she picked up her briefcase then crossing the room, she unlocked the door. "Goodbye Mrs Randall." she called out as she stepped into the corridor.

Sylvia went to look at herself in the bathroom mirror, and realised that she looked a complete mess. Her hair was awry, her lipstick smeared and her well-sucked tits were brazenly jutting out from the open blouse. Turning to look over her shoulder, she could see the imprint of the hands that had spanked her pink bottom. Then looking down, she saw her own pussy juice smeared on the inside of her thighs.

Heaving a big contented sigh, she began the task of transforming herself from Sylvia the slut, into the demure and respectable Mrs Annabelle Randall.

The End.


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