Sex-Ed Ch. 05

****Later that night at Kyle's place******

"Oh Kyle... you're not gunna... fuck me... are you?" Rebecca coaxingly asked.

"Huh?... well... I-" Kyle stammered, his hormones raging, barely even able to process her words.

They had been watching a movie, which quickly turned into a make-out session. Rebecca reached down and groped Kyle's crotch, to discover his massive hard-on.

Kyle suddenly pulled down her pants and threw her down on the bed. He stood over her, with a wild look in his eye.

"You can't fuck my poor little pussy! It's way too sensitive right now! ohhhh, it's tingling sooooo bad, see?" Rebecca teased, she ran her finger along her dripping slit.

"Ah!" she moaned in pleasure from the sensation.

Just from barley touching it, her pussy trembled.

She held up her finger to show him how wet she was.

Kyle's eyes opened wide, he could only huff and stand there as she drove him crazy.

"Kyleeeeeee, I'm just way too worked up, oh, I just don't know what would happen if you shoved in your huge cock!"

"you wouldn't bully my over-stimulated coochie like that, would you?" she smiled and licked her lips.

"after I've been soooo nice to you?"

"it's to vulnerable!... Babe are you listening?!"

Kyle was listening, but his brain had clocked out. His whole body was shaking, his cock swelled with excitment. He'd lost it, This girl broke him, driven him mad.

He lunged forward, gripping her by the arms, almost like he was going to shake her to make her shut-up.

"Ah! Kyle! what are you doing?!" Rebecca shouted, playing dumb.

He glared at her with intention, his throbbing cock was inches away from her bare quivering pussy. He gently pressed his straining cock up against the entrance of her clit, causing it to spasm form the sensation.

"Ah-OooohH, Babe! Nawt thu-, duuuuuun TEASE MEEEEEEEE!" she moaned.

she squirmed and writhed on her back.

"oh god, Kyle... PLEASE!" she begged feverishly.

"No wait! don't! please! it's too sensitive!" she said in a high pitched tone.

Kyle began to rub his cockhead along the outside of her clit.

"AHHHHH! Noooooo! What!? KYLE NUU- FUUUUuuuuuuuuuuck!" she mindlessly screamed.

She wasn't teasing anymore, it was too much, her whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

Kyle suddenly slid the length of his cock along the surface of her slit. He could feel her hot pussy quaking on his shaft.

"AAhHHHHHH!" Rebecca shrieked, gripping around Kyle's back tightly.

*Oh god, fuuuuuck I'm losing it, I'm losing control,* Rebecca thought.

"Oh god, Kyle PLEASE! Please, I'm sorry! babe I'm sorry for teasing you ok? I said all that stuff back there,... I'm sorry! don't! don't do this to me!" she frantically pleaded.

Kyle just smirked.

"noooo... Kyle... what are you..." she gasped.

Kyle suddenly started rubbing his shafted up and down Rebecca's soaking pussy, the sensation was overwhelming.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH," she cried.

Her whole body tightened, her pussy shuddering as it was teased.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!! STOP! KYLE! Don't do this! I need you! please for the love of god! FUCK ME! KYLEEEEEEEE PLEASE! Please, just listen to me! I'm sorry! seriously! please I need your cock soo bad right now! you don't understand!" she begged him.

He gently pushed forward, feeling his cock head come up against her shivering clit as hard as he could without it going in... She moaned just feeling him poised at her entrance.

"NOOOOOOOOOOoo" Rebecca frantically screamed.

She threw her head back, completely at Kyle's mercy.

"AHHH, whu-whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? baaaaabe, what did I do!" she begged for an answer.

"I'll do anything! Kyle I need it! give me your fat cock! it aches soo bad!" she pleaded helplessly.

"Just do this one thing for me this time! I'll never mess with you like that again! I swear! I'm just a silly girl! I didn't know! I wasn't trying to upset you! I deserve this, pleeeeeease, why are you doing this!?" Rebecca was beside herself, she had gone completely cock crazy.

"Are you seriously not gunna do it?! Kyle no!" she said with fear.

"Kyle, please talk to me! we can work this out! ok!?" begging hopefully.

Kyle just started pushing his cockhead up and down over her clit.

"AHHHHHHHHH! I hate you!! You're so meeeeeean!!" Rebecca cried.

He could tell it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge right now.

"Kyle, I don't know what I did to you, but-" she was suddenly cut-off as Kyle plunged balls deep into her aching pussy, his cock head popping into her wet opening with some resistance.

Her eye's suddenly shot open, she looked up at him longingly.

*Kyle... thankyou..* she thought gratefully as time stood still for an instantaneous moment.

"AAAAAAAAAA" Rebecca moaned in blissful ecstasy.

She arched her back, fingers clawing into Kyle's back. Kyle could feel her desperate pussy grip him needfully. She could immediately feel herself begin to spasm as he slowly began to withdraw the swollen organ from her. In what seemed like several minutes to her, he withdrew his cock till the head was wedged just inside of her entrance.

He immediately began the slow push back into her, she shuddered as she felt him begin to push deeper into her swollen tenderness. She gasped as she felt his fully embedded cock twitching in her sopping pussy.

"Oh gahhhhh," she groaned as she felt him hit the deepest point in her vaginal canal. He held it there for several moments, the head flexing as he began to slowly pull it out of her. She could feel the orgasm welling up inside her, deep at first and then beginning to spread out through her lower belly and into her thighs. As Kyle felt her pussy beginning to tighten around his organ, he dropped his hips slightly, forcing the angle of his cock to rub harder against her overly sensitive and swollen clit. She jerked as she felt the new sensations begin to blast through her.

He thrust into her faster, feeling her pussy suddenly tighten around him. As he pulled outward from her, he felt as if he was pulling her pussy inside out; she was clamped down on him so tightly. He jerked; pumping back into her harder and jerking it back out just as fast, allowing only the head to remain inside.

Kyle began mercilessly pounding her, giving her everything she wanted and more.

"AH! AH! KYLE! OH! KYLE! YES! YOURE SO GOOD!" "MMMmmmm Fuck Me!" she screamed.

The walls of her pussy convulsed around him as he satisfied her every urge.

"Oh Fuck! Babe! I'm so close! I can't! Please! Ugh! Don't Stop!" she blathered.

Kyle could feel her pussy grip him tighter and tighter.

She looked at Kyle in the eyes, she could tell he was about to cum, just the thought of it nearly sent her over the edge. She could feel his heavy nuts slap under her with every thrust.

"Baby, I want you to cum for me" Rebecca begged,

"Just shoot it all out for me."

Kyle, unphased, just kept pumping her tight cunt, trying to block our her sexy goading.

"AH! Fu" she gasped.

"Please Kyle! just fucking explode everything inside me!" she urged

She could feel herself getting closer and closer, she felt his cock throb inside her.

Kyle's horny smirk was gone, now he was grimacing, trying to hold back.

*He can't last much longer. He's trying to act tough, but I know, I mean I can feel it, his cock twitching is a dead giveaway* She thought hungrily.

"Oh fuck yes" she panted breathlessly.

She could hear Kyle rasping harder with each breathe.

*how cute!* she swooned.

*He can't stop himself from cumming at my beckon. So helpless whenever I talk dirty, tee-hee,* Rebecca thought to herself.

*ok, time to show this mean ol' cock whose boss!* she thought with excitment.

"Oh! Kwu-KYLE! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" she moaned lustfully.

She felt his cock twitch hard inside her and heard him grunt.

*ooooohhhh haha, that really got to him,* she thought mischievously.

Her feminine moans were taking their toll on Kyle.

*ugh, dammit Rebecca, you and your sexy noises,* Kyle thought.

"Give it up big boy! gimme yur kuuuuuuuuuuum!" she goaded.

"uuughhhhh," Kyle groaned

*haha too easy," she thought.

"I want it soo bad Kyle, fill up my little pussy," she urged him.

Kyle had a distraught look on his face.

"Oh Kyle, I know you've - huff... saved up so much... uh!, for me, ah! in those... AH!, huge nuts!" she managed to gasp between thrusts.

*ok,... shit! that probably got him, I cant do this anymore, its too hard to focus on talking,* Rebecca thought.

"Urgh!" she gasped.

*FUCK! he's railing the shit out of me, my pussy is going wild*

"AAAAAA," she moaned happily.

Suddenly she felt her pussy spasming towards her impending orgasm.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH," she cried out.

Her pussy suddenly contracted hard, clenching onto Kyle's cock. Her entire body contorting in ecstasy as her body finally got the relief it needed. Her inner walls squeezed desperately around his length, milking the thick intruder like her life depended on it, trying desperately to make Kyle blow his top.

"OOF!" Kyle gasped, he couldn't take it, his cock swelled in response.

In the throes of orgasm, she didn't notice his cock throb inside her, but she did notice her pussy suddenly flood with a huge gush of Kyle's semen.

Her eyes shot wide open as she felt his cock surge. Suddenly she was filled with yet another hot load of cum.

"Oh!" she exclaimed breathlessly, "ah!"

*fuck! He's filling meeeee,* she thought.

"uggggg," Kyle groaned as he emptied himself into her.

Rebecca knew how to squeeze on his cock as he came to pump out every drop. Her tight pussy went into overdrive and milked his rod for all it was worth. She could feel each time his cock swelled, pushing against the walls of her sex, as she squeezed him out with a ball draining weakness.

"Oh god yes," she gushed, her sex squeezing tightly around Kyle's manhood, "oh, fuck me!"

Kyle's hips were jerking, his cock twitching frantically as he fired thick shots of seed, rope after rope of semen, triggering her ravenous lust.

Her muscles tightened even further as her body demanded every last drop of cream.

"OH! Yes! AAHH! Ku-! OOooo!" Rebecca cried out unintelligibly.

*oh babe! You're cumming SO MUCH for me!* Rebecca praised in her mind.

*He's absolutely stuffing me, OH GOD!*

"Don't stop! OH! So MUCH! AHH!" she cried out in pleasure.

Rebecca was clenching him almost as tightly as her pussy. Holding him close as she shuddered on his rock hard engorged length.

"BABE! MORE!" she screamed.

Kyle didn't know exactly how long he had been cumming, but it was definitely longer than he ever had before.

Her pussy was unstoppable, as long as she was clenching from her climax, he was gonna cum, no matter what, he couldn't even begin to handle something like this.

And for Rebecca, as long as she could feel his throbbing organ pumping out hot cum, her pussy wouldn't stop spasming.

"REbeccaaaaa," Kyle groaned, surrendering another load to her insatiable pussy.

*Fuck! What have I done? She's way too worked up, it's too much!* he thought.

He could feel his legs tremble and his strength leave him as Rebecca drew out his male essence.

Suddenly, Rebecca wrapped her legs around him and squeezed tight, plunging his cock balls deep in her thirty pussy.

"UGGGGGH," Kyle couldn't do anything but moan, loudly, as he came even harder.

Rebecca felt the sudden rush of cum too, sending her pussy into an intense cock milking frenzy.

"AHHH!" he screamed as his cock got milked even harder.

*Aha! That's what you get! Big meany!* she thought to herself.

There was no escape. He moaned helplessly as his cock was drained for every drop.

Kyle collapsed by her side. She could feel her hungry pussy weakly clenching, grasping for a cock to quench it.

"Ahhhhh, that hit the spot," she panted with satisfaction.

"Oh, Kyle that was AMAZING, you came soooo much!" she gushed admirably.

"uuuuuuuu" Kyle groaned in response.

*I think got a teensy bit carried away," she said in her head.

"Awwwwww, got you pretty good huh? Haha, I shoulda warned ya. I cum pretty hard! But that's what you get for teasing me silly!"

Kyle looked at her chipper and smiling face.

"I'm glad it was good for you," he responded softly, he just couldn't get mad at her.

She turned over and rested her arms and breasts on his heaving chest.

"Think you got anything left in the tank?" she murmured quietly.

"hu-huh?" Kyle replied, exasperated.

"haha, jk!" she said cutely, then gave him a little kiss.

"lemme, get you some water. After what I did to you you're probably parched!" she chirped, like she was making fun of him.

Just as she was leaving the room she looked back.

"and don't think I'm over you teasing me like. You really worked be up back there. This isn't over," she said with a wink.

Kyle gulped, pondering what she meant by that. She meant payback for later right? Usually he had no problem going a second round, or even more, but that was just too intense. He must have been cumming for what must have been nearly a whole minute!

He had some water and relaxed for awhile. He laid his head on Rebecca's lap as she sweetly ran her fingers through his hair.

"hmmmmmmmm, wow you seem pretty spent, I guess I underestimated how much you came... it was a while right?" Rebecca said with a hint of disappointment.

"ok you're off the hook!"

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief.

"you're lucky I like you so much," she told him.

Rebecca rolled over and grabbed something from her nightstand.

Kyle, just laid on his back, ready to fall into a blissful sleep.

Then he heard a whirring sound, he turned his head to see Rebecca squeezing her thighs around a vibrator.

"Wha- what are you doing?" Kyle said, feeling a bit emasculated.

Rebecca panted,

"don't start with me. You did this... to me... I can't take it ok?"

Kyle was a little hurt, but he just shrugged and rolled on his side to rest.

He laid there.. for an hour, as Rebecca brought herself to an orgasm.

Three times...

Kyle was shocked and terrified. He cringed imagining his cock in her squeezing pussy each time.

Each orgasm was long and intense, the whole bed shook as she moaned.

*Jesus, I better never get on her bad side, this is insane, she could actually kill me!* Kyle thought

The third time was just as intense (if not more) as the last.

Just as she was about to go over the edge, Kyle rolled over to see.

As she came, she gripped Kyle, clinging desperately onto his chest.

"AAHHHHHHHH" she screamed.

Finally, she stopped violently quaking and panted heavily.

"Babe... are you ok?" he asked, concerned.

"haaaaaaaaa, im ok now," she gasped, her gaze lingered, he could see the desperation in her eyes.

She tried to sleep it off but couldn't stop squirming.

Kyle heard the vibrator again.

He turned on the lamp and reached over, grabbing it from her.

"No, Stop!" she said frantically, grasping for it.

Kyle grabbed her face, and turned her to look at him.

"Rebecca, talk to me! What's the matter!" he demanded.

She just looked at him, her eyes were pleading. Just looking at his face was driving her libido wild. Underneath her sweet, submissive demeaner, she was a smoldering fire of sexuality.

"nu-nothing," she muttered, embarrassed.

"no, it's not 'nothing'," Kyle retorted.

Rebecca twiddled her fingers nervously.

"baby, it's not your fault if you're horny, you can't control it. But this is crazy!"

"Crazy!?! You're a jerk!" she yelled angrily, and rolled over to pout.

"You got me all worked up! I'm frustrated ok! Now you're making fun of me! I'm not crazy!" she ranted, obviously hurt.

Kyle immediately felt guilty, her needs were real.

"babe, I didn't—" he tried to reply

"Yes you did! I told you! I said I was still horny and needed more!" Rebecca whined.

Kyle thought that those weren't her exact words, but knew better than to contradict her right now.

"Jesus babe, yeah, I know. But there's nothing I could do, and I didn't realize how bad you had it," he consoled.

"it's not the same as with you! (Referring to the vibrator) It's not helping!" she admitted.

He could sense she felt betrayed. In her time of need he was selfish.

Kyle held her from behind,

"baby, I'm sorry. I'll take care of you, always," he said, making her blush.

Her anxiety subsided in his soothing embrace.

"Can... can we go again?" she asked again, embarrassed from her tantrum.

"I need you, please, just fuck me again," she confided with him anxiously.

"shhhhhh" Kyle replied, trying to calm her down.

"Whatever you want, I'll fuck you whenever you need," he consoled.

A wave of relief washed over her. She suddenly turned around, kissing and groping Kyle frantically. Kyle grabbed her arms and restrained her.

"whyyyyyy," she whined.

"you need to calm down," Kyle responded, wiping a tear from her eye.

"you're way too emotional right now, just let me lead, I'll make everything better," he told her soothingly.

Reluctantly, Rebecca trusted him, she tried to relax a little, soon she felt Kyle fingering her quivering clit.

"No! Kyle! I need your cock!" she instantly reacted, reaching down and grabbing his penis.

Kyle grabbed her wrists, restraining her again.

"NOOOOooo DON'T TEASE ME AGAIN!" she cried.

Kyle sighed,

"see? This is what I mean, you're super emotional."

"You just want to tease me then ignore me!" she sobbed.

"relax, you'll get what you want, please just relax, let me help you" Kyle said trying to reason with her.

"No! I want your cock! That's what I want!" she demanded.

"Babe I know! I'm listening—" Kyle replied.

"No You're Not!" she hysterically interrupted.

"I AM! You'll get it, and then some, trust me!" Kyle pleaded.

Upon hearing this she stopped sobbing,

"really? I'll get it? You mean you're dick right? Right now? Tonight?" she asked him suspiciously.

*I've got to regain her trust,* Kyle thought.

"YES! That's what I'm trying to tell you!" Kyle replied.

This was apparently enough to calm her down some.

"can you still get hard?" she mumbled, side-eyeing his half chub.

"yes" he re-assured her.

"so just stop spazzing out ok?" Kyle joked with a smile, looking into her eyes lovingly.

Rebecca couldn't help but crack a small guilty smile.

He started gently rubbing her clit again. Rebecca grimaced, but trusted him.

"I'm just gunna calm your pussy down, its quivering like crazy."

"just some immediate attention for now," Kyle said calmly.

He was right, her sex was absolutely desperate for ANY stimulation. He was able to briefly satiate its immediate demands.

Rebecca fell into Kyle's chest submissively.

"You know, you can really dish it out, but you can't take it," Kyle joked.

" waaah, dun tease meeee," Rebecca responded with a guilty smile.

She paused, "I'm sowwy... do you really think I'm crazy?"

"shhhh, just relax, of course not... feeling better?" Kyle cooed.

Her thighs had finally stopped shaking, but he knew this wouldn't last long.

"mmmmmmmhmmmmmmm," she said calmly.

"Ok, go ahead and grab me when you feel ready," Kyle told her.

She hesitantly reached out and grabbed Kyle's cock. She started giving it light squeezes as it swelled in her hand. The feeling of his cock growing in her grasp was really re-assuring, her mood improved as she softly stroked him to a full erection. She straddled ontop of him and happily played with his length.

Smiling, she looked up at him with both hands on his cock.

"I'm gunna tease you like you did me," she said with a cute angry face.

"then you're gunna fuck my brains out," she told him, biting her lip and grinning.

"or maybe I'll just grab you and pound you right now," Kyle threatened.

Rebecca's face instantly turned bright red.


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